I began working out with Christy, one of our personal trainers here in Swansea, Tuesday of last week, November 24th. Christy is an amazing person. Until last week I loved her as a person, but after working out with her, I now love her as a trainer as well. She is strong, motivated, cheerful, uplifting and encouraging. She is able to see that I’m a beginner and she doesn’t have me trying to do exercise that I’m physically unable to do yet. She customized a workout routine for my body and my abilities all while pushing my limits. And whereas I still don’t love working out in general, having Christy helping me on Tuesday nights will make it easier. I can already tell. (I have given Christy the new name “Satan”)

On Saturday Nov. 28th, I came in and worked out with Kyle. That session might have been the first one I actually liked. We did our normal treadmill and step up warm up. With some modifications to make it more difficult, (I was almost in tears from the burning in my calf from walking at in incline on that dern treadmill), I think he was laughing at me. haha. But afterwards we lifted some weights, did some push up and then he said ” I’m going to give you 5 minutes to acclimate yourself with the jump rope”. I thought this was odd, cause, its a jump rope. Like, why do I need to familiarize myself with it. I mean, who doesn’t know how to jump rope? Right? WRONG! It took me all of the 5 minutes to even be able to jump it once. So, you never forget how to ride a bike, right? Well, yeah, you can forget how to jump rope apparently. That was difficult. After I got it though, it wasn’t hard, but tiring. And lastly, he had me boxing. That was fun. We did several drills and training. And wow!!! Towards the end (and it only lasted a few minutes) I was winded! That is not easy. I now understand why boxers/mma and whatnot have 3 minute rounds when they fight. Just moving around throwing a few punches its tiring! ha.

So, today is my official weigh in date. Whatever Christy and Kyle are doing, along with the lifestyle changes I’ve made are working! I weighed in at 243 lbs. That’s 27 lbs lost! AMAZING!

Through my normal work days and my normal daily routines, I have people ask me frequently “what am I doing to loose the weight”. My answer, “Diet and exercise, cause honestly, its the only thing that works”. All these fad diets and magic pills claim so much, but I’ve tried them all. Diet and exercise are truly the only way to loose weight and maintain a new lifestyle. Its still not easy, but I’m the best of it.