So, time to be honest. I have not been going to the gym on a regular basis on my own. I’m still working out with our fabulous trainers, but I lost my motivation over the holidays and stopped going to the gym, or doing anything on my own, since December. I’ve noticed changes in that time as well. A lot of the natural energy I had when I was working out 3-4 days a week has gone. I never would have believed that something as exhausting as working out would give me more energy on a daily basis, but it does.

So, yesterday I decided I was kicking my self in the butt and getting back to my routine. I DID go to the gym last night and I’m really proud of myself. I know, kind of lame to be proud of going to the gym one night….. lol.

Something I’ve learned throughout this process is, it is easy to loose focus of the end goal. Its easy to say “I wont feel bad, I’ll just chalk it up to a cheat day”, then a week later you are still on a cheat day, and frustrated that the scale is showing results. We live in a world of instant gratification, and we have almost come to expect immediate results when doing something.

Another thing I’ve learned. This is NOT an endeavor where I’ll achieve instant results. I’m going to have to put work in to achieve my desired results. I committed back in August to dedicate this time and energy into accomplishing my goals, but we all have slip ups. I’ve slacked, but I’m back on track. I’ve already put in way to much effort to loose site now! So, I will continue with the trainers on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I will also get back to my home work out routine on Monday and Wednesdays. I’m down 34 lbs total. I haven’t lost any in the last month, but I didn’t gain any even though I’ve been eating badly and only working out twice a week. Thank goodness for the trainers staying on my butt and keeping me focused at least when I’m with them! These trainers really are good at what they do!

work out

On a side note. We got a body fat percentage tester in our clinic now, which of course I used. I have 42% body fat. Which is, in my opinion, horrible. I would have liked to know what it was when I started this process back in August. But, knowing how bad it is, I am moving forward to lower that number! I’m excited to see what it is in a couple months!

My BMI WAS 42 in August and it is now 39! I’m pretty happy about that.