1REP Sports Program

Components of the 1 REP program are geared toward the athlete’s specific needs and grounded in the science of sports
fitness and rehab.

Our Team of highly trained professionals work together to advance an athlete in the various stages of better health and injury prevention.


  • Treatment of athletic injuries exceeding the standard of care.
  • Techniques to enhance performance through speed, strength, power, and sport-specific training.
  • Limit injuries in athletics.
  • Individualized care from weekend warrior to professional status.
  • Save you money.
(1) Our program encompasses all stages of an athlete’s health or injury. Each 1REP facility advances the recovery following an injury, enhances athletic performance, and utilizes measures to prevent injuries.

(R) Licensed physical therapists and accredited trainers develop and implement sport-specific treatment and training of an injured athlete. Athletes in the 1REP program are assessed and placed in the stage of the program that is appropriate for that individual. Treatment is advanced as appropriate for the specific injury in addition to the athletic requirements for return to sport.

(E) Licensed physical therapists and accredited trainers develop and implement sport specific training of injured or uninjured athletes including: Speed and Agility, Strength and Power, Flexibility, Coordination, Explosive and Reactionary Drills, Olympic and Functional lifting, and more.

(P) Licensed Physical Therapists and accredited Trainers identify potential biomechanical issues present in athletes that expose the athletes to increasing risk of injury. Examples include: Functional Movement Screens, ACL screens, Postural Assessments, Running and Jumping Assessments, and more. How Do I Get Started?

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