Take Control Of Your Health!

Our team created a program that helps advance a mature adult with an injury beyond the typical standard of care provided in physical therapy.
We realize that it is difficult enough to be injured, but when compounded with age, the body just doesn’t recover the same as it did in years prior. Injuries are more prevalent and recovery is longer, so prevention and proper recovery is paramount. Our program includes Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers working together to make programs specific to each individual’s goals and plans for continued care after completing therapy.


  • Easy access to our professional staff.
  • Individual, hands-on care exceeding the commonly accepted standard.
  • Empower you with knowledge of prevention techniques.
  • Motivate you with the drive to recover quickly.
  • Establish trust in us as your healthcare provider.
  • Save you money.

You have a choice where you are treated, the quality of care you receive, and the goals you wish to achieve.

Healthcare Has Changed - Problems Have Followed!

Healthcare changes continue to benefit the health insurance industry and not you. Rising costs and limited visits can decrease the effectiveness of your care. Your accessibility to treatment has been severely limited and hospital networks may lead you to believe you have to stay within their system. Our program is designed to counteract these issues and give you what you need to succeed!
How Do I Get Started?

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