Its been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated. I’m happy to say things are still going well, and I’m still working hard!

I have some exciting news!

6 weeks ago we took measurements. Here is the difference.


Lost 1/2 inch on my arms

Lost 1 3/4 inches on my waist

Lost 1 inch on my thighs (which I’ve really noticed in my pants)

We measured my chest, but it was bigger than before. We remembered when we measured on 11/24 I was wearing a sports bra, on 1/5 i was wearing a regular bra. So, we decided not to record it since it wasn’t an accurate measurement.

When I first saw the results I actually wasn’t that impressed, but once PD, a coworker, actually broke it down for me, it hit home. These numbers are actually really good. In only 6 weeks I lost a substantial amount in all areas. I still cant tell a difference when I look in the mirror, but I can tell a difference in how my clothing fits.

These trainers I work with, Christy and Kyle, are truly amazing at what they do. They have worked so hard with me to accomplish these results and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. Its been just over 4 months into this new lifestyle and I’m really pleased.  Im really excited to see myself in a year!