Its been far too long since I’ve updated! As we all know, life happens sometimes. Between work, family, baseball, Girl Scouts, Girls on the run and general life occurrences, I have failed to keep up with my blog. With all that said I’m still doing very well.

Full disclosure, I fell off the wagon for a little while. Life just got a little hectic and I put my health on the back-burner………. BIG mistake. From February 1st to March 29th I only worked out with our fabulous Phoenix trainers 3 times. Horrible I know. When my training slacked off, I slacked off on my own workouts as well. The only reason I can use to explain why is, once I wasn’t seeing a trainer twice a week I got lazy. I didn’t have anyone pushing me to be better, do better and to hold me accountable. The last time I blogged was on February 11th, on that day I weighed in at 230 lbs. March 29th I refocused and decided I needed to finish what I started and got back on track. I am working out with Andy in our Highland Clinic on Tuesdays. He retook all my measurements and weight, I weighed 228. Only lost 2 lbs in OVER a month. I wasn’t shocked though. Whereas I was still eating well, I wasn’t doing any physical activity. I sit at a desk during the day and at night I was going home and sitting on the couch. I’m happy I didn’t gain any weight, but not surprised I didn’t loose any (well, 2 lbs). My workouts are going great, and honestly, it feels GREAT to be back in the gym. Dont get me wrong, I still dont love it, but it makes my body feel awesome. I love seeing the measurements and scale numbers going down. I am down 2 pant sizes. From a 22 to an 18! That makes me SMILE!

Moral of this blog. When you fall, pick your self up and move forward. Never quit. Stay strong and believe in yourself. If I can do this, anyone can! work out