Beyond Strength Training & Weight Loss!

YES! Our team of professionals has developed programming specifically designed for pain relief and prevention of pain specifically related to the muscle and joints.
YES! Whether your goal is to run a 5K, marathon, mud run, bike race, or triathalon, programs are
developed to get you off the couch and in the race.
YES! Balance and coordination can affect people in their performance of normal life activities. Your training level may be necessary for enhancing your athletic performance or geared toward providing you with a level of independence and safety in performing normal daily activities. The balance system, much like strength training, can be developed by individually
designed programming.
YES! Our team has established programs appropriate for any age. Programs don’t have to be overly aggressive or intimidating to achieve goals established by seniors.
YES! Children are more inactive than they ever have been. Childhood obesity and diabetes are on the rise. Programs can be fun while children become active.


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