When I began my new lifestyle back on August 31st, 2015 I didnt think I would have overcame so much in such a short time. I’m very proud of the accomplishments I’ve achieved, no matter how small, and the changes I’ve made. It really is the little things that make me smile.

My workouts have become LESS hated. Today, while working out with Kyle (Our personal trainer in Swansea), I was impressed with myself. Which is saying something because I am my hardest critic.

I’ve really been blessed to be able to work out with these AMAZING trainers. Kyle and Christy are just fabulous. They are knowledgeable and helpful and motivating! I could not have made it to this point without them.

My weight loss has slowed down but its STILL GOING DOWN!

40 lbs gone in just over 5 months!


August 31, 2015- 270 lbs

February 11, 2016- 230 lbs  40