Alright, so I’ll openly admit it. I have trashed Oprah in the past about some of her “diets”. I know it wasn’t right, but its hard to argue that the woman knows what she was doing back in the day. Pretty sure she jumped around from every single diet every year her new season of episodes would come on. ” I lost 65lbs on atkins!” “I lost 85 lbs on the grapefruit diet!” “I shrivelled up to nothing on the Ghandi diet!” The list goes on and on. And trust me, I love O, the woman is brilliant and I have a trememndous amount of respect for her. But she, like the majority of the population, has fallen victim to the same thing over and over and over again. YO-yo dieting and the term “diet” in general. 

Now as much as I feel bad for bashing Oprah, I have no reserve for saying that I hate the word DIET. I would totally replace it in the english language with wigwagshillyshally if I could. One mention of the term diet and people freak. THAT’S BECAUSE IT’S NOT A FUN THING AND THEY DON’T WORK!!!! Sure you can go on atkins, or grapefruit, or south beach, or paleo, and lose weight and look good. But how do you feel doing so? IS that type of nutrition even sustainable? NO!  It most definitely is not! Hence Oprah!  How many times did some one tell her to do this, or do that and of course it worked and then backfired. Now we can add in the internet and its many wonderful keyboard nutritionists and self proclaimed nutritional gurus. I can’t count how many times I see, don’t eat carbs, don’t eat fats, don’t eat a lot of protein, only to see the same source change their tune two weeks later. If we were to take all of these things out of our diets, what in the world would we eat?!

I mean seriously ladies, I bet these 8 new super foods were probably “said to give you cancer 8 weeks” before this published!

“well how can they lie to us like that Andrew?”

Because fads and crazes sell! Let’s put it this way, Peyton Manning says Budweiser 2 times after the super bowl and that is supposed to apparently bring in 2.5 million dollars of revenue for Anheuser Busch. Oprah comes out and does one 30 second commercial for Weight Watchers, and her stock in the company rises enough to make her 6 million dollars. 6 million dollars for a 30 second add! Now here is where Oprah is getting her act together a bit. I am not a big supporter of weight watchers, they have a unique system that I think is clever and does work for some, but I don’t openly support them in any way. (I may for $6 million though) But I loved one great thing about that Oprah commercial. She “loves carbs” and “loves bread” and on the weight watchers program you can have carbs and bread. This has nothing to do with the chemical makeup of weight watchers, no they didn’t find a magical mystery concoction that makes bread super healthy or anything. But Weight Watchers does do a darn good job or portioning out Macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats) so that the you the consumer can eat a well rounded diet, still have energy, and improve your health all at the same time. You NEED carbs. You NEED fats. You NEED Proteins. You need all these things to survive. It’s basic physiology, and weight watchers does a decent job of helping to supply the basic frame work and skeleton structure of what we as trainers look for for our clients. The basics of calorie count and macronutrient levels are the easiest and often most effective tweaks to your nutrition in order to lose or gain weight. The question then becomes how much of each, which comes down to personal differences, body types, metabolic rates, and activity levels.

So go for it Oprah! Help us change the way way we are thinking about nutrition. Bring back the idea that eating is healthy and help us right the ship!  We need some good guidance for once……