I am HORRIBLE at dinner times, I always have been. In our family, we don’t decide dinner till a couple hours before its time to cook. Then I have to go to the grocery store for the supplies, then cook. Because of this, we end up eating very badly, eating entirely too late in the evening, or deciding its just too much work and go out for fast food. I was a day to day shopper. I never had groceries in my house. My freezer consisted of Gogurts, Ice cream, and ice cubes. That sounds crazy, I know. My current goal in my journey is to fix this issue.

Sunday I sat down and planned our dinners through Friday. I decided the dish, calculated the calories, and wrote down all the ingredients I would need. Then I went grocery shopping. Total grocery bill for 6 meals, plus a few other items for the kids, $85.00. Which SHOCKED me at how low it was.

Food prep

My family has been trying new low calorie recipes we find on facebook/pinterest/websites. Our favorite so far is Chicken with Chorizo and a tomato salad which is under 300 calories!

One thing I haven’t mastered yet is healthier side dishes. We never have been big vegetable eaters. So finding sides is difficult still. Before I began this we ate ALOT of mashed potatoes (my fav.) or cheesy Au gratin potatoes, or Texas potatoes……. lol, see a theme? If anyone has suggestions on sides that are good for us, please leave me a comment with them. =)

Granted this is only the first week that I’ve planned my meals in advance, but I am really proud that I did it! Its a big step to changing my entire lifestyle to achieve the results I am working so hard for.