Well I was recently listening to a Podcast interview (check out the Fitcast by Kevin Larabee) with Lou Schuler about his new book Strong: Nine Workout Programs for Women to Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism, and Build Strength for Life (yes, I’ll most likely be buying this or asking for it for christmas(update: I have it and Scott and I in Highland are both reading it)). Lou talked a lot about how we need to change the look of women’s fitness and how we can go about it. Lou, like many other fitness professionals (Tony Gentilcore, Jen Sinkler, Jill Coleman, etc) have been working diligently for the past few years trying to change the world of fitness for women. Let’s start with a few examples:

IF you go to google and type in women exercising, this is one of your top pics:Yup…… pink weights, legging, and all. It’s just bad.  Trust me, some of the others were even worse.

Why are we so bent on the baby pink weights that do so very little for us?

Mainly because we as fitness professionals constantly get the ” I don’t want to look manly” ” I don’t want to look bulky” bit. And why do we keep hearing this?


Exhibits A, B, and C

Now, give me a second on this one.

SO if you were to tell a guy that if he lifted weights enough he could look like this :

Then trainers would be rich as heck and I wouldn’t be writing this post, instead I’d be sitting in a deer stand on my private 2,000 acre ranch, or driving my brand new $60,000 truck, or riding a horse and playing with my 5 dogs or some other expensive fun thing that I’m not creative enough to buy (literally this is my wish list, a farm, a truck, and maybe a couple more dogs, and a horse. I basically want to be a cowboy)

So why doesn’t every guy that lifts weights look like Arnold? Because Arnold was a genetic masterpiece that worked 24-7 to become what he was. To be more precise, he was the elite of the elite. Much like Ronda Rousey was/is the elite of fighters, Serena Williams the best tennis player, and whomever that other lady is, ya she’s great too. Here’s the thing ladies, unless you think you are an elite, genetically gifted individual, you won’t end up like those pictures above. But contrary to popular belief, lifting those little pink weights aren’t going to get you any where towards your goal of losing some weight or toning up either. Muscle is Muscle. Being a woman doesn’t change the physiology of the muscle between men and women. (truth be told, a single muscle fiber from a woman is equally as strong as a muscle fiber from a male). The difference is that men have more cross sectional area of muscle than women.   Dan John said it best (massively paraphrased) “Absolute strength is the glass. Everything else is the liquid inside the glass. The bigger the glass, the more of everything else you can do.” Basically, Eileen is lifting a 50 lb Kb over her head, while Jen does 10 dumbbell curls. Eileen can have cake. Jen can’t.” Its simple as that. And I hate to say it, but crossfit has done a great j0b of helping to start this change. Seriously google crossfit women:

This is what you find


But Andrew why won’t I get big like some guys lifting weights. Ladies, the answer is simple, and based on one simple word

wait for it…….


Do you particularly have a lot of it ladies?

Not really.

Testosterone is needed for building muscle. Hence why many of the bodybuilders, like the one above, supplement testosterone. It’s why pre teen boys don’t have much muscle until puberty, and then boom, they take off.


So whats the next step ladies? Go grab something heavy, pick it up numerous times, until your muscles burn, and you’re out of breath and falling over and then eat some cake, or drink wine*, or buy me a pony…….. then trash those little pink dumbbells and the leg warmers. But seriously, let’s start to change the world to be a stronger more fit place.

Btw Tony Gentilcore makes me look like a sissy when it comes to these posts on women’s lifting check one of his best here BOOM! and then search female fitness at the bottom of the page, you’ll end up with blog after blog after blog.


  • also one of my clients told me she could have a bottle of wine since she did squats on Friday. She’s also a pretty darn fit lady. She can have cake.