Pains, soreness and cures: Understanding the Kinetic Chain concept

As trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, we constantly get these awesome questions from clients and people in the gym saying “I have pain right Here (points to random body part), what can I do to make it better?” Now, as a trainer or strength coach this is usually a conundrum as one, we are […]

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Working out with Christy and Kyle

I began working out with Christy, one of our personal trainers here in Swansea, Tuesday of last week, November 24th. Christy is an amazing person. Until last week I loved her as a person, but after working out with her, I now love her as a trainer as well. She is strong, motivated, cheerful, uplifting […]

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Workout session 11/12/15

Today was my 3rd FULL personal training session with Kyle at our Swansea location. Well, I guess technically, our second cause he was sick one week, but I still did my work out when he wasnt here.

I finished working out about an hour ago and I’m still BEAT!!!! I am already a little sore and […]

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Eating Breakfast!

I still find it very hard to eat healthier on a daily basis. One major thing I struggle with is breakfast. I know I’m supposed to eat breakfast, but with my hectic crazy mornings, I find it really difficult to make time to eat anything.

After discussing this with an amazing co-worker, she gave me an […]

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