Working out with Christy and Kyle

I began working out with Christy, one of our personal trainers here in Swansea, Tuesday of last week, November 24th. Christy is an amazing person. Until last week I loved her as a person, but after working out with her, I now love her as a trainer as well. She is strong, motivated, cheerful, uplifting […]

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Changing the face of Women’s Fitness

Well I was recently listening to a Podcast interview (check out the Fitcast by Kevin Larabee) with Lou Schuler about his new book Strong: Nine Workout Programs for Women to Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism, and Build Strength for Life (yes, I’ll most likely be buying this or asking for it for christmas(update: I have it and Scott […]

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Working out!

I’ve been working with one of our physical trainers, Kyle, for three weeks now. (Kind of, the first week was an assessment of sorts, so we didnt actually “work out”) This week he had to cancel due to being sick, but he layed out what he wanted me to do in text and I’m happy […]

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Let me tell you why I’ve chosen a new lifestyle!

Since this is the first blog, it’s probably going to be long. I apologize in advance. My name is Stefani, but most call me simply Red. I am the “front office girl” at Phoenix Physical Therapy Swansea location. Even though this is my first blog, I did not start this journey today. So, lets start […]

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