Its been far too long since I’ve updated! As we all know, life happens sometimes. Between work, family, baseball, Girl Scouts, Girls on the run and general life occurrences, I have failed to keep up with my blog. With all that said I’m still doing very well.

Full disclosure, I fell off the wagon for a […]

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It’s the little things that make me smile!

When I began my new lifestyle back on August 31st, 2015 I didnt think I would have overcame so much in such a short time. I’m very proud of the accomplishments I’ve achieved, no matter how small, and the changes I’ve made. It really is the little things that make me smile.

My workouts have become […]

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Working out

So, time to be honest. I have not been going to the gym on a regular basis on my own. I’m still working out with our fabulous trainers, but I lost my motivation over the holidays and stopped going to the gym, or doing anything on my own, since December. I’ve noticed changes in that […]

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Its been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated. I’m happy to say things are still going well, and I’m still working hard!

I have some exciting news!
6 weeks ago we took measurements. Here is the difference.

Lost 1/2 inch on my arms
Lost 1 3/4 inches on my waist
Lost 1 inch on my thighs (which I’ve really […]

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Larissa the Dietician

Monday of last week I met with Phoenix Physical Therapy’s Dietitian, Larissa. This lady is one of the most knowledgeable people in regards to food that I’ve ever met. She was able to talk to me in a way I could understand. We talked about my goals, my progress and my previous weights. We made […]

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Adjusting to my new lifestyle while on vacation

This past weekend my family went to Texas for our family Christmas.

Before we left I decided I wasn’t going to diet while I was out of town because, lets face it, I LOVE the food in Texas and I wanted to eat what I wanted and as much as I wanted.

I’m surprised to say I […]

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A walk through my workout today 12/10/2015 with Kyle

Its now about 3 hours after my work out with Kyle today, and honestly, I’m still pooped! It was a good workout today. I’m going to walk you through my workout today, BUT, please remember, I’m STILL a beginner, so no judgement on how lame my exercises are and how much they thoroughly exhaust me.

We began […]

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Quick weight loss update

Wanted to type up a quick update. Remember when I talked about jumping rope with Kyle and how difficult it was? I actually purchased a jump rope and I’m using it nightly now. I did a little bit of research on jumping rope. I read that Jumping rope at a continuance pace for 10 minutes is […]

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Dinner prep

I am HORRIBLE at dinner times, I always have been. In our family, we don’t decide dinner till a couple hours before its time to cook. Then I have to go to the grocery store for the supplies, then cook. Because of this, we end up eating very badly, eating entirely too late in the […]

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Working out with Christy and Kyle

I began working out with Christy, one of our personal trainers here in Swansea, Tuesday of last week, November 24th. Christy is an amazing person. Until last week I loved her as a person, but after working out with her, I now love her as a trainer as well. She is strong, motivated, cheerful, uplifting […]

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