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I will blog about living a new and unusual to me life. About weight loss. About working out. About changing an overall lifestyle!

Workout session 11/12/15

Today was my 3rd FULL personal training session with Kyle at our Swansea location. Well, I guess technically, our second cause he was sick one week, but I still did my work out when he wasnt here.

I finished working out about an hour ago and I’m still BEAT!!!! I am already a little sore and […]

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Eating Breakfast!

I still find it very hard to eat healthier on a daily basis. One major thing I struggle with is breakfast. I know I’m supposed to eat breakfast, but with my hectic crazy mornings, I find it really difficult to make time to eat anything.

After discussing this with an amazing co-worker, she gave me an […]

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Working out!

I’ve been working with one of our physical trainers, Kyle, for three weeks now. (Kind of, the first week was an assessment of sorts, so we didnt actually “work out”) This week he had to cancel due to being sick, but he layed out what he wanted me to do in text and I’m happy […]

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Let me tell you why I’ve chosen a new lifestyle!

Since this is the first blog, it’s probably going to be long. I apologize in advance. My name is Stefani, but most call me simply Red. I am the “front office girl” at Phoenix Physical Therapy Swansea location. Even though this is my first blog, I did not start this journey today. So, lets start […]

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