About Andrew Gai

Andrew graduated with his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Central Missouri. He is also a Certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA. He enjoys, nerdy things, aggravating his fiancee Raeanne by dancing in public, hunting, most sports, and his pets Rizzo and Slade.

How Oprah is (Kind Of) Getting It Right Finally

Alright, so I’ll openly admit it. I have trashed Oprah in the past about some of her “diets”. I know it wasn’t right, but its hard to argue that the woman knows what she was doing back in the day. Pretty sure she jumped around from every single diet every year her new season of […]

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Feeding the Disfunction

It’s often funny how things tend to fall together and all come up at the same time. I’ve been using a technique with a small majority of my athletes and clients for quite some time now, and then today as I hop online and get on facebook and ready to write up this blog post […]

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The Things I Learned from My USAW Course

Well it’s been about two weeks since taking my USAW course and I finally was able to sit down and revisit my experience and write down some of the things I learned from my course.

1.) Adding a bunch of letters to the end of your name is great for those in the know but most […]

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Embracing the Strengths of a Deload Week

I’ve been there. I’ve been the meathead wanting to go all out for weeks on end without looking back at taking a break and resting. Then a good buddy of mine at Central Missouri, my former training partner actually, told me we had to take a deload week. A deload week!?!?! Seriously? A week without […]

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Breaking Down Myths: Spot Training Doesn’t Work For Fat Loss

We all have seen the common fitness magazines. DO THIS to break down belly fat today! Do this to lose those stubborn love handles! The list goes on and on and on, and sadly those are the headlines that grab your attention, make you buy the magazine, and then spend the next X# of weeks […]

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Looking Past the Scale

Well, over the past few days we have seen a large change in everything we are doing in Highland. Thanks to a new facility we are striving to become the leader in the metro east area in training, health, rehabilitation, and fitness. So in order to accomplish our goal we have adapted some of our […]

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Rep Schemes and Volume: Understanding What You’re Doing and Why

Easily one of my favorite topics to discuss and talk about are rep schemes and volume and the proper ways to maximize your workouts in order to receive the desired results. Sadly there are too many individuals in the gym, trainers included, that don’t understand the proper schemes for the goals of the individual. So […]

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Starting that new year’s resolution

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great christmas and is prepared for a brand new year in a few days. This is one of favorite times of the year, as we are soon going to see the gym flooded with brand new individuals that looking to cash in on those new year’s resolutions they […]

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Screaming at Supplements #1! :Creatine

Well, one holiday down, one even bigger one to go.  I have been receiving a bunch of current intrigue from a few of my training clients regarding different supplements as we sell a plethora of them here at X-Factor Fitness in Highland and you never know what may end up filling your stocking this Friday […]

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Pains, soreness, and cures: understanding the Kinetic Chain concept

As trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, we constantly get these awesome questions from clients and people in the gym saying “I have pain right Here (points to random body part), what can I do to make it better?” Now, as a trainer or strength coach this is usually a conundrum as one, we are […]

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