This past weekend my family went to Texas for our family Christmas.


Before we left I decided I wasn’t going to diet while I was out of town because, lets face it, I LOVE the food in Texas and I wanted to eat what I wanted and as much as I wanted.

I’m surprised to say I actually didn’t do THAT bad. I mean, I didn’t do great, but I didn’t do horrible. I guess because I’ve altered a lot of my bad habits and replaced them with good decision making, it was easier to not get out of control while out of town. My only BAD day was Sunday. We went out for Mexican food (my favorite) and I ate chips and green sauce (like salsa, but made with tomatillo tomatoes) and nachos.


So, ate a lot of carbs in one meal. I also had a roll with Christmas dinner on Saturday night, ( I savored that roll like it was my last meal on earth.) haha. Overall, from Friday to Monday I didn’t over do it. I ate some things I dont eat anymore, and I enjoyed them, but I didn’t overeat in general.





Once home, I got back in the gym on Tuesday working out with the fabulous Christy. I did battle ropes for the first time in my life…….. that is TOUGH! Wow! Talk about exhausting.battle-rope



I’m almost 4 months into this new lifestyle and everyday its becoming easier and easier. I have far less cravings and I’m feeling more energized overall. I still struggle, dont get me wrong. Its still doesnt come easy, but its WAY easier than it was 4 months ago. I look forward to see where I’m at in another 4 months.


Now…….. I have a correction to a previous blog…….. Which is of major importance.

Kyles degree is a Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation!!! Which is NOTHING like a masters in exercise science I’m told. =)