Its now about 3 hours after my work out with Kyle today, and honestly, I’m still pooped! It was a good workout today. I’m going to walk you through my workout today, BUT, please remember, I’m STILL a beginner, so no judgement on how lame my exercises are and how much they thoroughly exhaust me.

We began with the treadmill, like usual. I walk at a 2.8 speed for 8 minutes total. 1 minute normal, 2nd minute at an incline of 8, 3rd minute normal, 4 at the incline, 5 normal, 6 incline, 7 normal, 8 incline then about 45 seconds on normal level just to walk it out…….. Now, let me tell you, to people who work out on a normal basis, or someone who is more physically fit than I, this isn’t a lot I’m sure. But DERN, after that 8 minutes, my calf’s are on FIRE. They burn like nothing I’ve felt before. They quit buring pretty quickly after stopping, but man does it hurt.

Second- Steps ups on the vibe plate (I think is what that thing is called). Its a machine that vibrates at the bottom. Wobbles, kind of. So, I do step ups for 4 minutes total….. By this time, I’m huffing and puffing. Kyle usually gives me a minute to catch my breath and get a drink of water……..


At this point, I try to hide from him………. But he always finds me. hiding

Third- I lay on my back, knees bent. Pull my hips up and march in place for 1 minute. Sounds easy right? Um, wrong.

Fourth- He called it Superman/Airplane- Laying on my stomach I lift my chest and put my arms straight out in front of me (as if I was flying like superman) then move them back behind me to my sides (like I was a nose diving airplane). 10 of those.

Fifth- Swimmers- Still laying on my stomach, Still arching my chest, I start with my arms bent and my hands by my shoulders kind of and just do a motion as if I was swimming. 10 times.

Sixth- Washboards- Laying on my back. Knees bent, pull up to the beginning of a crunch, then alternate side to side making my hand tap the heel of my foot. 20 of them.

Seventh- Squats (my most hated thing)- I think I did 10 ish of them.

Repeat 3-7 again.

Eight- Jump rope for 1 minute. (I made it 30 seconds breathed for 10 seconds and did another 30 seconds)

Ninth- Speed ladder- I don’t know how to explain this one. Basically I put my feet in and out in a certain pattern. 6 times (different pattern each time)

Tenth-Boxing- Triangle (Which means Throwing punches in sequence)- 3 sets

Repeat 8-10

And by this point, I’m SPENT!!!!! Geez Louis!

My ritualistic post workout selfie…….. My face gets as red as my shirt. But, I’ve come to love it. I look at it like, the redder my face is, the more calories I burned, the more muscle I built, the more inches I lost. =)

after work out