Wanted to type up a quick update. Remember when I talked about jumping rope with Kyle and how difficult it was? I actually purchased a jump rope and I’m using it nightly now. I did a little bit of research on jumping rope. I read that Jumping rope at a continuance pace for 10 minutes is the equivalent of running an 8 minute mile!! That astonishes me. I surely can NOT jump for 10 minutes straight, but I have been counting my total jumps. I usually make it between 20-40 jumps at a time, then I stop for 30 seconds to a minute and begin again. Last night I totaled 442 jumps! Today my knees are a little tender, but not painful. I fully admit, I’m enjoying the jump rope.

I work out with trainer Christy tonight, and I am a little nervous. I still tire out pretty quickly, but I dont hate it as much as I have in the past. I make her take selfies with me. This was after our work out last week!  =)


As of this morning, I have lost 31 lbs!! I’m not the type to brag or boast much. I’m always super hard on myself. I’m my own worst enemy, but let me tell you, it feels GREAT to tell people I’ve lost 31 lbs! Sadly, I still dont notice a difference in my appearance when looking in a mirror, but I do have patients comment on “it looks like I’m loosing weight”, which always makes me smile.


Stared at 270 lbs on August 31st and at 239 on December 8th. =)